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Weeping Fig


Scientific Name: Ficus Benjamina
Family: Moraceae
Origin: Asia and Australia
Life Cycle: Evergreen tree
Difficulty: Easy
Approx. height: 1m
Pot Size: 200mm

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In the wild, the Weeping Fig can grow up to 30m, and is often cultivated for urban environments. As a houseplant, this fig is a tough and tolerant tree that will be a great addition to your home. Take care in moving the fig around the house, though, as it doesn’t like environmental changes too much. Find a bright spot (not too close to a window to avoid leaves burning), and leave the tree fairly undisturbed. If outside, partial shade is best. Make sure the top few inches of soil is dry before watering, and have the plant in a good well-draining loam mix. This tree will benefit from a good pruning every so often, but should only be repotted sparingly to avoid too much disturbance. Overall, this plant is very easy to care for and will be a great air-filtering tree for your indoor space!