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Peace Lily


Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum sp.
Origin: South America & South Eastern Asia
Life Cycle: Evergreen Perennial
Difficulty: Easy (Find our care guide here.)
Approx height: 30cm
Pot Size: 100mm

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The peace lily is a massively popular plant due to its persistent flowers, dark lush leaves, and easy care. It’s common name coming from the distinct white spathe that is similar to a white flag of surrender and the botanical name Spathiphyllum comes from the latin ‘spathe‘ meaning blade and the ‘phyllon‘ meaning leaf like in greek.

This plant is perfect for that dark corner of the house. They thrive in very low light condition and do not light harsh direct sunlight although a well lit area is prefered. Yellowing leaves indicates that the plant is receiving too much light.

Peace lilies are fairly drought tolerant plants and can survive periods of dry easily but prefer to be in moist soil. To see if your lily is ready to be watered check the top layer of the soil to see if it is dry or moist by using your finger to dig into the first centimetre of soil. If your lily is too dry it may start to wilt and this is a clear sign you will need to water it but do not fear because after a little water it will perk back up. Watering is usually required once a week. Reduce frequency during winter.

Peace lilies prefer to be in moist soil but not waterlogged, as this will cause the roots to rot. To avoid this make sure the pot and soil are well draining and that the plant is not sitting in a dish or bowl of water for extended periods of time. Always take care if you are using a ‘self watering’ pot, as this may cause the plant to be overwatered as well.

For the complete care guide click here.