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Rhipsalis sp.


Scientific Name: Rhipsalis sp.
Family: Cactaceae
Origin: Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean
Life Cycle: Perennial Cactus
Difficulty: Easy
Approx. height: 15cm
Pot Size: 150mm

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Mistletoe cacti are epiphytic, which means they attach themselves to other plants, and hang down in long trestles – much like wild mistletoe! They do, however, do well in hanging pots with good, well-draining soil. For you interior designers, they can be hung over garden arches, shelves, or even balustrades if you’re ambitious! They need minimal water, especially in hanging pots, and enjoy a fair bit of light. If you wish to attach these to a tree, you can, as they are not parasitic and do not harm the plant in any way.