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Philodendron xanadu


Family: Araceae
Origin: Brazil
Life Cycle: Evergreen Perennial
Difficulty: Very Easy (Find our care guide here.)
Approx height: 30cm
Pot Size: 100mm

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This lush philodendron is a hardy companion for outdoor and indoor situations. It can make a great addition to any well protected garden bed or to a bright indoor space, and is perfect for beginners. As Xanadu matures the leaves will become more lobed making them more beautiful with age.

Xanadu can survive in a variety of different light levels but do best in a well lit position receiving indirect light, although it can also grow in partial direct sunlight happily. Xanadu are very hardy plants and can survive periods of dry easily but prefer to be in moist soil – just take care not to over-water.

For the complete care guide click here.