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Scientific Name: Plumeria sp.
Family: Apocynaceae
Origin: Mexico, Central (to South) America, Caribbean
Life Cycle: Deciduous tree/shrub
Difficulty: Easy
Approx. height: 40cm
Pot Size: 200mm

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Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous tropical summer flowers in more northern states, Frangipanis are a bit harder to find in Melbourne. Luckily, you can have one of your very own! Frangipanis have a beautiful yellow and white flower that blooms from December to April in large quantities, making this a great investment. Generally hardy, they do not need much water to survive, and can easily thrive outdoors. When kept in the pot, their growth will not be significant, but once planted, they will take off. They can provide great shade for other plants and for your house or balcony!