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Fiddle Leaf Fig


Scientific Name: Ficus lyrata
Origin: Western Africa
Life Cycle: Evergreen Tree
Difficulty: Moderate (Find our care guide here.)
Approx height: 30cm
Pot Size: 100mm

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In the wild, Ficus lyrata can grow as an epiphyte, meaning that they often can be found growing in the crowns of other trees where they send their roots down and may eventually strangle the host tree. They can also grow as a free standing tree to up to 15m tall and can grow often grow 60cm to 1m in a year!

The fiddle leaf fig is the king of the jungle when it come to indoor plants. Its impressive leaves with their thick-ridged venation make this fig an excellent specimen tree for any indoor display. If you make sure to follow the care guide below you will find the fiddle fig is actually quite a low maintenance plant and will thrive on neglect. Although the care guidelines are a little more stringent, the reward is a fast-growing and stunning plant that will be the envy of all!

Fiddle figs enjoy lots of bright, indirect light. Too much exposure to harsh direct rays will burn the leaves. You may find that the leaves gather dust which can block photosynthesis. Simply wipe down the leaves with a moist cloth to remove the dust and also help to remove any pests.

Fiddles will lean towards the light so be sure to rotate the plant regularly to keep it straight.

Once the top inch of soil is dry it is time to water. The easiest way to test this is dig your finger into the soil. It’s very important to take care with watering your fig and to follow the care instructions as they are particularly susceptible to root rot and may die if they are sitting in too much water. Do not use a self watering pot or keep a dish under this plant.

It is recommended that you mist the leaves occasionally to raise the humidity particular if you are living in an area with dryer air such as Melbourne. This will help the plant to remain lush and bushy.

For the complete care guide click here.