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Devils Ivy (200mm)


Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum
Origin: Polynesia
Life Cycle: Evergreen vine
Difficulty: Easy
Pot Size: 200mm

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Devils Ivy is a fast growing and extremely popular indoor plant. Due to their ability to be trained to grow up a structure or simply to be allowed to hang they are unsurprisingly a great choice for a variety of settings. They are also a very easy plant to care for as they do not require much water or sunlight. It is best to keep them in a well lit area but not in direct sunlight. These plants also love humidity but only need slightly moist soil to thrive.

The vines can grow up to 20m long making them a magnificent plant that takes up a small amount of space but can also be pruned back once the desired size is reached.

To care for your Devil’s Ivy make sure it is in well lit area but not receiving too much direct sunlight. Leaves will yellow and die off if there is too much light. If there is not enough light the leaves will begin to turn completely green and temporarily lose their yellow variegation.

Be sure to allow the top two inches of soil to dry out between watering your ivy plant. They do not like to be in soggy soil as this will cause root rot. Check the soils moisture by digging your finger into the top layer. If your ivy is getting too much water the leaves will yellow and die off.

During Spring, Summer, and Autumn you should fertilize your plant to help maximize growth according to your fertilizers instructions. However do not fertilise during winter.