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Boston Fern


Scientific Name: Nephrolepis exaltata ‘Bostoniensis’
Family: Lomariopsidaceae
Origin: South America/ Caribbean
Life Cycle: Evergreen Perennial
Difficulty: Easy
Approx height: 20cm
Pot Size: 200mm

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The Boston Fern is a great indoor plant that looks fantastic in a hanging pot due to its long flowing fronds that grow up to one metre long. To keep your fern looking lush and happy, place it in a position that is well lit but does not receive direct light. They can tolerate quite low light condition but will have slowed growth because of it. The fern also enjoys keeping its soil moist, but not wet! Make sure the soil is allowed to completely drain after watering. Check the soils moisture levels by digging your finger into the soil and when it has begun to dry out it’s probably time to water. After a few weeks you will learn how quickly your plants dry out and form a schedule. In between watering the fern will benefit from being misted to help raise the humidity around the leaves. This may become particularly important if you are running heat/ cooling continually which will dry out the air. Fertilise sparingly during Spring and Summer to help maximise growth.